CfP: The First May of Brešan An International Scientific Conference Dedicated to the Work of Ivo Brešan: Text and Context

Although the title of Ivo Brešan’s last book, The Dead Need Nothing ( Mrtvima ništa ne treba), has a certain finality to it,we cannot accept the departure of this great artist as the end of the potential of his creative opus. Ivo Brešan has mostly been perceived by the general public as a Croatian dramatist, although he contributed significant work for film and television ( in collaboration with
Krsto Papić, Veljko Bulajić, Danijel Marušić and Vinko Brešan), and from the mid-nineties directed most of his efforts to the writing of prose
Recent criticism ( theatre, film and literary) has long noted Brešan’s continuing interest in the political, ideological and personal problems involved in what it means to be human. Scholars such as
Marijan Bobinac, Lada Čale Feldman, Dalibor Foretić, DarkoGašparović, Branko Hećimović, Zvonimir Mrkonjić, Boris Senker, and also Velimir Visković, who have written on Brešan, agreed that the sense of the grotesque that this author used in order to dissect dogmatic,bureaucratic, careerist and collective manifestations of the spiritual malaise of society, as well as party and clerical ideolo
gies and mythologies,possesses recognizable element of caricature in both his theatrical and prose texts.
The creation of a symbolic language, as well as specific idiolects, opens a path for research in the (de)construction of a linguistic stereotype
We invite you to participate in a scientific conference which will take place at the University of Zadar from May 18th to May 20th,2018.
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The allotted time for each presentation is 15 minutes.
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Participants are responsible for their own accommodation and travel and other expenses.
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Termín konání: 18. 5 . 2018 Zadar /Chorvatsko/


Deadline: 1. 12. 2017