Doctoral studies – Slavonic philogies

The PhD programme in Slavonic Philology, along with the programme in Slavonic Literature, is one of the two PhD programmes carried out in a cooperation by three departments of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University: the Department of Central European Studies, the Department of East European Studies and the Department of South Slavonic and Balkan Studies. The study programme focuses equally on particular Slavonic languages and on comparative Slavonic linguistics in general, in synchronic and diachronic perspectives. It includes a wider Slavonic and general linguistic (methodological) basis. It shapes the specializations of doctoral projects primarily towards one of the Slavonic languages, either national (Belarusian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian, etc.) or a regional or minority language (Kashubian, Rusyn, Sorbian, etc.), Paleo-Slavonic linguistics or comparative Slavonic linguistics.

Another research approach is the description of the linguistic situation in countries with a Slavonic language as the state language or with a Slavonic ethnic component. Attention is given equally to the regional Slavonic-non-Slavonic (especially Baltic) context and to the problem of Slavonic-Slavonic language contact and the acquisition of Czech as a foreign language in speakers of other Slavonic languages.

The comparative approach is a methodological basis of all doctoral projects, with Czech as a key context, both material and methodological.

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